Hvor kompatibel er ZINGA på varmgalvanisering?

ZINGA på Varmgalvanisering (HDG) etter 7200 timer i saltkammer

Testen fortsetter til 8400 timer. Foreløpig viser testen at ZINGA er 100% kompatibel med HDG og fungerer svært godt som reparasjonssystem på skadet, modifisert og naturlig nedslitt galvanisering.


“The system protects the steel from corroding up to 7200 hours of cyclical testing and the test is still pending. Moreover, there is no sign of any defect after 7200 hours. Even in the scribe that has been made, no corrosion occurs. Due to the electronegativity of HDG and ZINGA, the steel in the scribe is protected. It seems HDG and ZINGA have a very good compatibility. Let’ s see if we reach 8400 hours (double the requirement of CX with life expectancy 15-25 years) without corrosion”.